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  • Convert TV & Videogame Time Into Activity Time
    For All Grades
    Gamification Of Sports & Fitness Time At Home

Welcome to Active Fun Academy

Why AFA for our students?

Our school strongly believes in holistic growth of our students and we give equal importance to all areas of their development. As part of this mission, we have joined hands with TopYa! and introduced Active Fun Academy as a part of our school curriculum. The Active Fun Academy (AFA) is an Anytime-Anywhere Co-Scholastic Programme designed specifically to enhance at-home physical activity of school children. Their digital video content is developed specifically for students from pre-nursery to Class XII.

In the year-round co-scholastic AFA program, various 'FunSports' activities are assigned to the students as physical activity homework. This ensures that our students stay physically active at home, even on days when they are not attending the school. School PE teachers can create their coach account to keep a tab on the activities of their students as well as assign them various paths and skill challenges. To keep track of the child's progress, the school will provide a detailed report to students as well as their parents with AFA Activity Report Card highlighting the child's progress on the AFA 'FunSports' Curriculum.

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Message From Principal

Dear Parent, From this academic year 2018 – 2019 , our school has introduced an innovative International Program Active Fun Academy - a venture of US Company TopYa!
This program will increase 'at home' physical activity among children, through interactive 'FunSports' Activities that aim to reduce TV / Video game time and convert it into physical activity time, thus making children Medically Fit, Academically Focused and Emotionally Balanced.
Parents are engaged real time using a parent account to review and appreciate their child’s development. TopYa! is completely COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant. Students will receive "FunSports" activity video tasks every week through TopYa! platform (Web and Mobile) to learn and share their practice session videos for virtual coaching and assessment. TopYa! makes learning easy, fun and safe.

Find Out What Is! FunSports

Active Fun Academy Features

Presenting a revolutionary way to have fun while developing new skills and healthy habits!
  • Curriculum
  • Virtual Coaches
  • Report Card
  • Freestyle
  • Leaderboard
  • Fan Follow
  • Voting
  • Memory Lane


Active Fun Academy’s ‘FunSports’ Curriculum is designed after extensive research by P.E. Experts catering to the overall development of a child at each step of their growing years.

Children in today’s world aren’t exposed to the full range of motor skills & physical activity when on their own. ‘FunSports’ Curriculum consists of 26 Co Scholastic ‘FunSports’ Activities for EACH classes from Nursery to Class 12, which exposes them to various movements necessary for a child’s physical growth and development according to his/her age group.

  • 1 ‘FunSports’ activity per week
  • Motivates & Inspires kids to get Physically Active

Virtual Coaches

All the skills and activities uploaded by the users are overlooked and verified by an expert virtual coach who provides constructive feedback to the user on how to progress further.

Young children are not specialist, they are all-rounders. They are curious about the diversity life has to offer and need a broad base of experiences for a holistic development. It is the role of a coach/teacher/parent to guide them through the proper steps that help and influence the course of their children’s development. An expert virtual coach, who is well versed with what is correct for the proper development of a child, is a necessary component for his growth.

Students receive Encouragement, Advice, Recommendation and Score upon submission of response videos from Virtual Coaches.


Feeling creative? Invent your own moves and show them off with Freestyle Challenges! Challenge other Students from all over the world and compete under the required time to determine the winner.

Apart from the basic movements and activities necessary for the development of the child, children must be encouraged to experiment and practice various physical skills using their own imagination. This feature of TopYa app will help the child to be more creative as he grows up, which in turn will help in cognitive development of the child to a great extent.

Active Fun Academy Curriculum allows 1 Freestyle activity per skill path for students to show their creativity. Students can share their best Freestyle Challenge videos with fans, friends and family using Highlights on TopYa!


Active Fun Academy introduces the concept of gamification among children by providing a real time leaderboard, which displays ranks of all the players according to the points scored. This motivates the players to compete in real time and be more physically active.

As you accomplish skills and compete in challenges, you earn points and badges. The more points and badges you earn, the higher you will climb on your age, gender, or global Leaderboard!

Such gamification has various benefits –

  • Objective data/ Transparency
  • Recognition for the Winners
  • Provides motivation to everyone
  • Drives healthy competition among players

Fan Follow

Follow your friends and inspiration with this unique feature so to be updated with their latest videos and activities. Complete various activities to increase your level and also your fan base. Show the TopYa world what you are capable of!


Students from all over the world compete in challenges thrown by one another. Players and Parents join in the fun to vote for their favourite player, hence celebrating the joy of accomplishment along with the players!

Memory Lane

This unique feature allows players to archive all their completed challenges and keep them safe in an archived memory lane. After all, you need to have something to remind and motivate yourself of how far you have made in the journey.

Report Card

The basic purpose of a report card is to inform a child’s parents of his or her academic progress during the academic year. AFA Activity Report card provides information on the progress the child has made on the AFA 'FunSports' Curriculum, assigned to him during an academic year.

Active Fun Academy provides a School Co-branded Electronic Report Card which highlights various physical skill areas in which the child has excelled as well as those in which he/she has some scope for improvement. It provides a detailed report on various 'FunSports' activities performed by the child throughout the academic year.

Key Features of AFA Activity Report Card :

  • School Co-Branded Digital Report Card
  • Can be incorporated in School’s own Report Card
  • Detailed report on Child’s Physical Development
  • Personalised Feedback from Experts

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