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Active Fun Academy

What is TopYa!

The video-based mobile app that motivates and inspires students to new levels of skill and creativity!

I am a..

TopYa! for Students

TopYa! is the world's first video-based mobile app that inspires and motivates Students of all ages and skill levels.

Skills Academy

Watch instructional skill videos from real pros and PE teachers, and upload a video of yourself performing the skill or move! Get helpful feedback from your virtual coach and earn points and badges as you accomplish skills. The TopYa! Skills Academy makes becoming a better Student fun!

Freestyle Challenges

Feeling creative? Invent your own moves and show them off with Freestyle Challenges! Challenge other Students from all over the world and compete under the required time to determine the winner. Students can share their best Freestyle Challenge videos with fans, friends and family using Highlights on TopYa!

Vote on your favorite videos

Watch other Students' skill and challenge videos and Vote for your favorites to see how they're trending on TopYa!

See how you stack up on the Leaderboard

As you accomplish skills and compete in challenges, you earn points and badges. The more points and badges you earn, the higher you will climb on your age, gender, or global Leaderboard!