What is

'FunSports' are scientifically designed physical activities developed after extensive research by American Universities and Physical Education experts. They are fun and engaging but also deceptive and proven to induce higher level of physical activity among children. .

'FunSports' is a fun way of motivating and inspiring children to get physically active and thereby adopt a healthy lifestyle. Sustained 'FunSports' among children would train them to acquire physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally balanced overall personalities


  • Holistic Growth

    Mental, Emotional and Physical

  • Neurological Optimization

    Better memory and reliable skill sets for life

  • Healthy Sleep Cycle

    Assistance towards Circadian rhythm

  • Social Skills Development

    Team spirit, camaraderie and Leadership Skills

  • Sports Career

    Higher likelihood of adoption of some formal sports

  • Healthier Future

    Protection from life style diseases

Take a Look AFA Curriculum

Active Fun Academy’s Curriculum is designed after extensive research by P.E. Experts catering to the overall development of a child at each step of their growing years.