• A skill lesson is a fun filled unassuming physical activity homework assigned to the player by AFA. It could be a cool physical game/exercise, martial art technique, ball handling and juggling from any ball sport, yoga lesson, callisthenic body movement etc. Such physical activities tend to become a great family fun moment as well. Parents, children and siblings start competing with each other while having fun. Example Activities: to juggle two tennis balls by one hand non-stop for a minute or to kick a ball from 10 feet away in a bucket three times in a row.
  • These activities work in a deceptive manner. While they look short and easy to perform, children spend an average of 6-7 hours on learning and performing a new skill.
  • Most skills lesson do not require going outdoor to practice. A majority of them can be practiced indoors only. This makes it easier for the child to adopt more physical activities even while staying indoors.